The Winter Experience
by Bespoke Rallies

March 13th, 2020



An Exclusive program in partnership with Colmis

In Swedish Lapland – close to the Arctic Circle

Arjeplog is located in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes with a distinctive nature and wildlife, the region offers diverse thrilling outdoor activities and constitutes a worldwide winter testing hub for the automotive industry. 

Event Itinerary – March 2020

Colmis – Who are they?

With over 30 years of operation, Colmis has become a cold climate hub and reference for the international automotive industry: a world leading proving ground where the key players test their latest models and prototypes every year.

*confidentiality agreement signing required before entry. No unauthorized person or any person not carrying ID will not be allowed to enter the premises.

You will gain access to restricted areas that are usually closed off to the general public and see where the engineers test the latest prototypes.

It is home to the Winter Test Centres of FCA (Fiat, Maserati, Jeep, etc.), CEVT, GKN and many more…

Driving Experience – What is it?

After a short theory briefing, you go directly onto the snow and ice to carry out a series of driving experiences on a number of different tracks – the same tracks used by the automotive engineers of leading brands to test their latest models. Everyone will improve their overall driving skill and vehicle understanding, acquiring different techniques throughout the day. The skills learnt will also apply to summer driving. The ultimate goal is to have fun and finish the day with a better understanding of how cars are proved in winter conditions.

We will end the day with a fun competition between all the participants.

Colmis Driving Day – March 13th 2020

* Times are only approximate and depend on many variables such as: weather conditions, participant delays during driving, etc.


Moose Safari

An unforgettable experience to track down one of the Arctic’s largest animals. Standing at up to two metres high, these generally solitary beasts are well adapted to the cold climate. The experienced guides, driving snowmobiles, will pull your in a sled into the surrounding forests in search for the elusive creature (also known as Elk). Hot refreshments are provided.

Ice Racing

And now for something a little different. We have a full racing track laid out on a frozen lake ready for you to show off your newly acquired driving skills. Old, dented, beat-up cars recondited for ice racing are waiting for you to get behind the wheel. This is not to be missed!

Scan here with your phone’s camera for a video!


On Sunday afternoon we have the option to experience a traditional Dogsledding tour through the surrounding forests. You will meet an Alaskan Husky and learn how to train them before heading out on the dogsled where you can test your skills as a driver!
If you want something with a bit more horsepower, we can provide snowmobiles instead. There will be a short training session before a guide takes you on a thrilling route through the forest.
* (Must be over 18 with driver’s license for snowmobiling)

Simloc Hotel

Your hotel for the weekend is the Simloc, situated in central Arjeplog, this Colmis owned hotel offers high quality studio-style mini suites, available in twin or double. Normally reserved for the automotive engineers, we have secured them for the four nights of your stay. Access to the Wifi, fitness room and sauna is free of charge as is parking.

The Winter Experience blends nature, adventure and advanced driving on ice & snow into an exhilarating journey in the heart of Swedish Lapland.

The price for this unique experience is: £1820pp based on two people sharing



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What our participants say!

Maarten Smet, The Highland 1000 2018

Thanks again for the very nice tour in the Highlands. We absolutely enjoyed the rally (i.e. the organisation, the participants, the scenery…).