Royal Rajasthan Rally – Day Off

Royal Rajasthan Rally Day Off –Pushkar Camel Fair | Bespoke Rallies

The rally was timed to be at the Pushkar Camel Fair, the world’s largest gathering of camels which is also a fair with entertainment, shops and the usual collection of travellers. Apart from the trade in camels, here were stud farms selling their beautiful Mewari horses with their pixie ears. White, almost albino horses are especially prized as they are used for weddings.


We were transported on camel carts as cars are banned from the fair ground area, making our way to the Mela, the central show ground where most of the fun activities such as moustache competitions, water carrying, camel beauty contests as well as the more serious trading in camels.


Having spent some time at the fair we were transported back to our vehicles and back to the hotel for a well earned shower and rest.