Royal Rajasthan Rally – Day 3

Royal Rajasthan Rally | Day 3 | Pushkar to Nagaur | Bespoke Rallies


A shorter day today from the frantic melee of the fair to the tranquil town of Nagaur with one of the finest forts in Rajasthan. This is our third day of driving and already crews are settling into the style of driving in India – tooting as you approach a motorcycle to warn them you are behind as they don’t use their wing mirrors, or tooting at cars and agricultural equipment to tell them you are there and primed to pass them. We are getting deeper into Rajasthan now and roads are getting straighter and some are quite new and smooth where you can make some time up.  Arriving in Nagaur the fort is hidden until you get close then you are astonished by its size.

Nagaur Fort was one of the first Muslim strongholds in northern India and one of the finest examples of Rajput-Mughal architecture. Built in the early 12th century and repeatedly altered over subsequent centuries, it witnessed many battles. In later times it fell into disrepair until 2007 when a plan was hatched with a number of parties from India the UK and the USA coming together to renovate it. The process is on-going but some income is derived from the luxury hotel there, Ranvas where we stayed. Magnificent was the verdict from one and all.