The Imperial Rally 2020

June 14 to July 13, 2020

A truly unique tour that takes in the Russian home of the Romanoffs and finishes in Italy, the home of the Romans

Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. A unique event that explores some of Europe’s most extraordinary and seldom visited places.

No-one has ever done Europe in this way as we continue to innovate in the search for new and better adventures. We were the first to take a rally to Bhutan, the first to open up Vietnam, the first to find a rally route through the Amazon, the first to crack Cuba, the first to use the ferry in Norway as a floating hotel on our Slartibartfast Rally, the first to organise a rally to Madagascar, the first to hire 4x4s in India and the first to use GPS on rallies.

So, what is so special about the Imperial Rally?

Among the unique aspects of The Imperial Rally are driving up Norway and using the Hurtigruten ferry as our floating hotel, entering Russia from its most northerly border in Europe, visiting Murmansk, the home of the Russian Arctic fleet, spending three nights in St Petersburg to enjoy this most exotic and cultured city. Here we include visits to the Hermitage, the ballet and Historic centre of the town.

From Russia we head into the Baltic states, visiting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania before spending three days in Poland where we take in some of the most amazing sights including miles of underground tunnels from the last war. Beautiful cities, historic buildings and superb scenery abound.

Budapest in Hungary, one of Europe’s unspoiled cities, follows. We have a day off here to check out the highlights, including the vast Buda museum, the amazing parliament building, the thermal spa, Heroes Square and ancient churches, all bordered by the Danube river.

Our next drive is to one of the great hidden gems of Europe, Slovenia. So many things to do here including riding a train through ancient caves, Lake Bled and twisting roads through the mountains.

Our final country is fabulous Italy where we go to Portofino via Venice. Portofinio is one of those places that everyone has to visit at least once. Set on an idyllic cove it also has the Splendido Hotel, one of the most famous and sought after in Europe.

Norway  – The Land of Fjords
Following the ferry north is one of the best ways to see this great country. By night we are on the ship and by day we are out exploring the wonderful fjords, stunning scenery and the midnight sun.

Russia – A unique entry point
No-one has done this before – enter from the North and then travel down to St Petersburg. After Murmansk we stop in Belomorsk and Sortavala – do you know anyone else who has done that? In St Petersburg we make the most of our visit by visiting the major attractions as well as the Ballet – its all included!

Hurtigruten Ferry
We include an outside Arctic Superior cabin, all onboard meals, passage for your car and packed lunches. There are upgrade options to suites. This is the most luxurious way to travel along the coast of Norway as your hotel meets you each evening.

Incredible Italy
We visit two of the best places in Italy. Venice is well known but only the lucky go to Portofino and one of the best hotels in the world.


What’s Included:

  • The ultimate Imperial adventure
  • One way transport of your car within Europe
  • Your berth on the Hurtigruten ship
  • The best hotels for our event
  • All breakfasts
  • Most evening meals
  • Packed lunches in Norway
  • Tours and excursions in St Petersberg
  • The midnight sun
  • The magnificent Hermitage Museum
  • The Beautiful Baltic
  • Poland, Hungary and Slovenia
  • Mountain roads
  • Tulip Roadbook and GPS
  • The experienced Bespoke Rallies Team
  • Mechanical support
  • Clothing
  • Finishers’ medal
  • Welcome dinner
  • Gala dinner

The ItineraryIntinerary for Imperial Rally

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