What our participants say

‘Great Rally. Great Adventure. Great Support Team.
Thanks to all at Bespoke Rallies for the fabulous 2nd Maya Rally’

Roger & Gillian Goodwin, Maya Rally 2016

‘Fantastic rally. Terrific. Had a great time and made some new friends’

Reg & Michelle Toohey, Maya Rally 2016

‘Probably the best rally I have ever been on.
Great roads, fantastic ferry, good company and a thoroughly good time.’

Angus Stamper, Amazon Rally

The Maya Classic Rally 2016 was our first rally and a very enjoyable experience. We really look back on a most wonderful time, with very interesting peoples from many different countries. Very well planned by a top professional crew who managed all kind of special situations most efficiently and with a smile! We are grateful for this magnificent adventure in excellent company.

Géraldine and myself would be more than happy to renew a similar experience soon again.

Many thanks again to all the team at Bespoke Rally

Mar & Geraldine Gassmann, Maya Rally 2016

We had a lovely time and the support car was always on hand when needed.

Patrick van Griethuysen, Maya Rally 2016

Great roads. Fascinating borders. Fabulous Mayan ruins.
More historic interest than I thought.

Phil Garrett, Maya Rally 2016

Very well staged rally. Enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next event.

Hans Moser, Maya Rally 2016

What a huge success the Himalayan journey was!. I was so thrilled to experience that magnificent, breath- taking scenery and feel most privileged to have seen so much. Tiny snippets of memory pop into my mind on a regular basis. In fact writing my blog/reports is a good way of anchoring stuff in my mind and being truly in the moment. It was all such FUN.

Lesley Stockwell, Trans Himalaya Challenge Kashmir 2016

Thanks John and all the Bespoke crew what a fantastic Adventure Rally across the Amazon and Andes with a great group of like minded people from around the world. Thanks for all the planning and backup that made our journey run so smooth. Perfect route with some great hotels along the way. Great memories and friendships thanks so much

Reg 2CV Toohey, Amazon Rally 2016

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Bespoke Rallies offers adventurous classic car rallies and tours in some of the world’s most fascinating regions. We organise competitive events and tours which offer the opportunity to enjoy driving on the lesser travelled by-ways.

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Everybody needs a break from work, and Bury St Edmunds-based farmer Angus Stamper’s preferred reward is classic car rallying, which is how he came to be driving his 1964 Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda on our recent Pan Am Classic event, that in turn led to his 12-year-old son Merlin possibly qualifying as the ‘World’s Youngest Rally Co-driver/Navigator’.

Guinness World Records have been informed
Bespoke Rallies director John Brigden takes up the story: “The 30-day action-packed event led contestants some 6,500 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the byways of old America. For the last 1,500 (San Francisco to Seattle), Angus was accompanied by Merlin, who therefore assumed responsibility for the navigation, time-keeping and the related time cards - onerous tasks for someone of any age, which he managed with aplomb and without getting his father lost in the wilderness of America’s great outdoors.

“We were sufficiently impressed with his performance to see if this qualified him for an entry in the Guinness World Records and discovered that, while there is a record for the Oldest Co-driver/Navigator (New Zealander Dorothy Caldwell now aged 99), a category for Youngest Co-driver/Navigator has yet to be created; a situation we are in the process of investigating.”

Suitably excited by his first rally, Merlin, a pupil at Moreton Hall Prep School, now has aspirations of taking up the sport seriously. He has already learnt to drive on the family farm and can regularly be spied out and about the land aboard his own 1971 Range Rover Classic. Said Angus: “Considering his age, and the fact he was thrown in completely at the deep end, I would say he acquitted himself extremely well on the rally, and it would certainly be a feather in his cap if he were to get his name in the record books. Either way I’ve no doubt he’ll be back for more, and there’s every likelihood of his twin sister Grace having a go too.

#gomerlin #panamclassicrally #bespokerallies #guinnessworldrecord
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