A Unique Tactical Driving Experience


Have you ever wondered how Police, Special Law Enforcement Units and Executive Protection officers are trained to protect Presidents, Royalty, VIPs and Government officials from kidnap and assassination?

tactical-driverexperience-2This kind of training has always been jealously guarded and reserved for real life Special Operators but now you too can get a taste of how to drive like one of them! Bespoke Rallies, in partnership with Status Conscientia Ltd presents the Tactical Driving Experience.

Held over three days in Oslow, Norway at a unique location, this exceptional experience will not only give you insights into your own driving but may equip you for a range of dangerous situations you might encounter. More advanced than any other course this is where you experience driving like a pro and see how to combat whatever life may throw at you on the road.

Our Tactical Driving Experience takes you from basic driving exercises to evasive manoeuvres, defensive and formation driving on closed and public roads. You will learn about high speed tactical and formation driving plus the ultimate in offensive driving technique, Ramming and P.I.T. manoeuvres. And the beauty of it all is that you do it in someone else’s car!

We have exclusive use of a track to create dynamic scenarios and realistic situations to test your skills and practice the special manoeuvres.

After all that you will hear from our very own James Bond who has used these techniques in the field in live situations!

This is an opportunity to participate in a unique driver’s experience over three days and be guided safely through a course only previously available to military, police and security professionalstactical-driving-experience

All the instructors are highly trained and skilled to help you get the most out of the experience.

The experience includes your accommodation, meals, pick up and drop off from the airport, hire car, any damage to participating vehicles plus an evening in a private firing range where you can try out different types of pistols including Glock, Colt and Baretta.

We guarantee a unique, fun and amazing experience.



ITINERARY – Dates available: 13, 14, & 15 or 16, 17 & 18 June 2018
Venue: Oslo

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
AM Morning Briefing Morning Briefing
Introduction to Tactical and Formation Driving Offensive Driving and Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT manoeuvres)
Tactical and Formation Driving (Closed circuit)
PM Welcome and Admin Introduction to Speed Driving (Closed circuit) Offensive Driving and Ramming techniques.
Basic Theory Tactical Speed Driving
Driving Test Tactical and Formation Driving under pressure (open roads)
Basic Driving Exercises and evasive manoeuvres. (Open roads and closed circuit)
Tactical and Formation Driving (Introduction of Bandit Car – High stress) CLOSURE
Driving with restraint DINNER
Shooting Range (Optional) After Dinner Speaker
Overnight Overnight Option to overnight




 John Anthony

John Anthony served with the police in UK for over 25 years with over 15 years in Police Special Operations.  John also did some overseas deployments, notably, working for the war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone for 3 years, setting up and managing their very first witness protection program and training a specialist unit of the Sierra Leone national police.  Prior to that he was involved in Jury Protection for trials with intimidated or threatened witnesses.  John also spent several years in Maritime Policing and was also a police diver and certified in power boats.  He currently trains in crisis management, hostile environment and situational awareness.  John enjoys sea fishing and cycling and currently drives a Land Rover.

 Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 08.55.10

Thomas Willard proudly served with the Norwegian Army for more than 17 years. Thomas filled a variety of managing positions including Battle Captain of the Norwegian QRF for Northern Afghanistan, Head-trainer for tactical driving and the Commanding Officer for one of the Army´s Close-Protection units for His Majesty the King of Norway (HMKG). Thomas has several deployments for the Norwegian Army overseas in Kosovo, Macedonia and Afghanistan. Thomas currently manages the Global Security Training for a humanitarian organisation such as Hostile Environment Awareness and Crisis management training. Thomas enjoys physical workout, martial arts and currently drives a Tesla Model X.

 Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 08.55.15

Marcel spent 13 years in the German Military Police leading high profile protection details such as the NATO Military Chief and the German Chief of Defence. Prior to that he was a clearance diver with the German Military and a certified Combat Medic.  He then joined the UN as a Protection Coordinator in the Cote d’Ivoire mission and two years later was deployed to the investigation into the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minster in 2005. He has served in various high-risk areas in the Middle and Far East and Africa. Marcel was a Firearms Instructor and Driver Training Instructor with the German Federal Police and also specialised in Armoured Vehicles.  He is fluent in French, English, German and Arabic and currently drives a Mercedes Benz E Class.

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