The Great Amazon Adventure

October 2 to 28, 2015

This Rally is over, If you would like to participate, we will run it again in 2016.

One of the final frontiers of rallying – the latest ground-breaking event from Bespoke Rallies. Having pioneered classic rallying in India, Bhutan, Cuba, Central America, SE Asia and Vietnam, we are proud to present our most intriguing event to date.

Have you wondered what its like to travel through the Amazon rainforest?

Or driving some of the most amazing roads in South America?

Or listening to the sounds of the jungle?

Stop wondering. Stop Dreaming. Stop Imagining. Now you can experience it for yourself on the Great Amazon Adventure.

The Great Amazon Adventure from Bespoke Rallies is the trip of a lifetime. Not only will you be driving along the near mythical trans-amazonia highway but you will also visit some of the most iconic landmarks in South America.

Great Amazon Rally 2016The event connects two great oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, as we cross this final frontier of rallying in three action packed weeks. From historic Surinam to the incredible Andes mountain range, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

We start from Suriname, previously Dutch Guiana, and visit French Guiana – a little piece of Europe in South America – before crossing into Brazil. Once there we make our way to the mighty Amazon and spend two nights and a day on the modern ferry from Macapa to Santarem as there are no roads. You will have time to marvel at the great river, meet the locals and listen to the sounds of nature.

With the vast rainforest canopy above us for the next few days we will drive through the Amazon National Reserve without a tourist in sight.

We break out occasionally to find a resting place for the night. On this trip, you are not only treading new ground and driving new countries, but you will also have a chance to marvel at the fantastic flora and fauna of the area at first hand.

As we see the light at the end of the forest we are faced with the majestic Andes mountain range where civilisations rose and fell. We tackle the greatest roads and passes on earth while taking time to stop for some of the intriguing mysteries of our time – Machu Picchu, Cusco, Colca Canyon and the Nasca Lines.

Machu Picchu, a citadel built on top of an impossible peak probably more than two thousand years ago, is one of the last places on the continent where you can feel the Inca presence and history.

Cusco, once the capital of the Inca empire and later colonised by the Spanish, is now a living monument and reminder of the colonial era with its narrow streets, stone houses, cathedral and churches built over 500 years ago alongside the ever present Inca tradition.

The Nasca lines in the middle of the desert, cut thousands of years ago by the Nasca culture, remain a mystery as to their purpose – and how they were made. A conundrum as baffling as the pyramids. How could this ancient civilisation draw an astronaut or a whale when they had never seen one?

The rally provides an ever-changing scenic backdrop with
new pleasures and challenges each day.

We will visit four countries in 26 days. We will have to cope with four different languages, four different cultures, and one of the most amazing rallies on earth. We invite you to join us on this unique adventure.


We have found our way through the jungles of the Amazon, discovered excellent roads, navigated the rivers and found some surprisingly good accommodation along the way. Each night you will have a hotel room, while on the ferry there are cabins available. Breakfast is included each day, so are most of the evening meals.


We will provide the mechanical back-up and will be taking a doctor for those little ailments.


All roads have been checked and the route is completely open. However, in the Amazonas region some roads are graded rather than tarmac. We suggest you take a well prepared classic car or a 4x4 of any age on this adventure.


It goes without saying that although we are going at the best time of year, it is still a hot and sticky environment in the forest where it rains from time to time. In the Andes it will be cooler and less humid while on the Pacific coast it will be hot and dry.

What’s Included:

An incredible journey

Third party Insurance

Ferry inc. cabin

Welcome party

Hotels and breakfasts

Most evening meals

Gala Dinner

Our experienced team

Mechanical support

Tulip roadbook



Rally Plates

The Andes

The Amazon

Machu Picchu & Nasca

The Great Amazon Adventure Entry Form

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