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Bespoke Rallies offers a unique selection of classic car rallies around the world. We have 18 years’ experience organising both competitive and touring events. All offer the opportunity to enjoy driving on the lesser travelled by-ways. We specialise in South East Asia, India, North and South America, Central America, the USA and Europe.

We are here to organise your events as well as put on our own.

We provide a full service from concept to completion including providing the staff to man the event, competition if desired, all travel arrangements, road books, GPS, Sat Nav, back up, doctors and shipping.

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Our Team

John Brigden

Rally director

John has more than 17 years’ experience organising rallies round the world, including endurance events such as The Himalaya Classic Rally (2006, 2007 and 2009 which was the first rally ever to visit Bhutan and drive through the country), The Tiger Classic Rally (2008 and 2011 and 2013), The Maya Classic Rally (2010) and the Cuba Classic Rally (2011). Formerly Manager of the last Rover Mini Works Rally Team (1994 to 1997) which had Paddy Hopkirk as the No 1 driver, he has a wealth of experience organising teams and events.

He also created the routes for the 2013 Tiger Rally, the 2013 Great South American Challenge and the 2014 Paris Madrid.

Fiona Davies

Rally Co-ordinator

The most essential person on any rally is the co-ordinator and admin organiser. Fiona has been doing this job for 5 years including supporting John on the Himalaya Rally to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, The Maya Rally in Central America, two Tiger Rallies, the Great South American Challenge and the first Paris Madrid.

Since travelling with John she has driven the route on the recces while he completes the mapping and roadbook. In her view, the joy of driving these continents, exploring the unexpected opportunities that one didn’t know were there and the pleasure of sharing these with others is second to none. The most recent recce through the Amazon Rainforest is a case in point.

Clerk of The Course

Roger Hunt

Bespoke Rallies Clerk of Course

Roger Hunt started his Motorsport career as a driver, which ended as quickly as it started when he discovered Devon banks do not move. A re-think saw him change from the costly seat into the responsible seat of navigation. A quick learner he rose through the ranks quickly to win his first championship in under two years and accumulated over 50 outright wins on British road rallies in five years and a total of four UK association championships.

Rally organisation became an early interest which saw him run many championship events including two rounds of the legendary “Motoring News” series, the then pinnacle of British road rallying for competitors and organisers alike.

In 1985 much to the relief of others teams he once again placed his toe into the water in the driving seat and this time he avoided the banks and ditches and rose equally as quickly to the rostrum adding more wins that now tally over 140 in total, one of the most successful competitors in the UK.

His organisation skills have remained until the present day in all sorts of events, as Clerk of the Course of the Carpetbagger Rally, most likely the most feared and popular road event left in the UK.

Classic rallying has also been an interest over the years so much so that Philip Young persuaded him to undertake 48 advance car duties on the Peking/Paris, most likely the most difficult job on the event, followed by the route planning for the first ever Trans Am rally.

Roger has been a route master on every Continent in the world apart from Antarctica and has a tremendous knowledge of the terrain that he manages to play down so well.

Roger now lends his years of experience to Bespoke Rallies to recce our competitive events, create the regularity sections and tests, write the road books for those rallies and take charge of the competition element as Clerk of the Course during the rally.

The Mechanics

Toby Kilner

Chief Mechanic

Having had a fascination in cars from an early age, Toby progressed into restoring Mark 2 Jaguars and then worked for a Citroen DS specialist. Toby has banger raced, reached the finals of Scrapheap Challenge, competed in the first ever Scrappy Races and has travelled widely. He completed the Peking to Paris rally in a home built car as well as prepared a winning P2P car. He has been a mechanic on the last four East Africa Safari Rallies and supported the Trans-Sahara Sky Car expedition as well as running the mechanical support on a Rio to Ushuaia Rally and the Tiger Rally.

Andy, Albi and Dave


Andy, Albi and Dave are our three support mechanics. Experienced in providing just the right kind of support for a variety of vehicles.

Upcoming Rallies

Slartibartfast Rally 2017

August 22 to September 7, 2017

The Rally That Follows The ‘lovely Crinkly Edges of Norway’. The Slartibartfast brings together the best of Scandinavia including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Norwegian fjords from its starting point in The Netherlands.

Pan Am Classic Rally 2017

June 14 to July 13, 2017

A chance to experience the byways and backyards of the USA in our amazing PanAm Rally. Forget the long straight roads you see on TV as we find the twists and turns that make it one of the finest driving experiences in the world.

Cuba Classic Rally 2018

January 15 to February 1, 2018

The Cuba Classic 2018 is a chance to see and experience post Fidel Castro Cuba – and before McDonald’s gets there. We’ve permission from the highest authority to bring in your own classic car.

The Grand Prix of South America 2018

October 18 to November 17, 2018

In 2018 we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the amazing Grand Prix of South America with a new event which will follow the original route where possible. Tough and competitive.