Slartibartfast Rally Day 3

Slartibartfast Rally Day 3 | Roskilde to Jonkoping | Bespoke Rallies

Slartibartfast Rally Day 3 | Bespoke Rallies

Roskilde to Jonkoping 

It’s a short run from Roskilde to the Helsingborg ferry for Slartibartfast Rally Day 3, but as usual we cut across country and left the main roads behind. Arriving at the ferry it was pleasing to see that there were very few cars in the queue and we were all able to board on the very next ship. Then it was time for a quick coffee before arriving in Sweden. Here the customs checks were rather bizarre – probably a trainee trying to impress his boss – as they asked John Delane to take a breathalyser test! They could not have been more wrong as John is tea total due to his motor racing career. 

Our photographer on the event is Reg Toohey and he was questioned about where we were taking him – as if we had kidnapped him! Anyway, we all got past the slightly officious official and were on our way through the fourth country of the event. 

The highlight of the day for many was the lunch stop at the Fisken Restaurant by a lake. Fresh fish and eels made for an excellent break. Coupled with beautiful roads and a clearing day, our arrival in Jonkoping was in bright sunshine. Today is Freshers Day at the local University so there were hordes of youngsters roaming the streets intent on getting drunk to mark the first day of the rest of their life. However, being Swedish, they were all very well behaved, possibly because of the eyewatering prices of beer and wine.

A great meal to end the day was illuminated by more films from Reg, who had been busy editing the days’ film since our arrival.

Meanwhile John and Mimi Delane had noticed the rear tyres on their Porsche Boxter were a bit low and having failed in Holland and Germany to find replacements were relieved to locate some in the main Porsche dealer in Copenhagen. So on the rest day they were off to get replacements – and just as well they did as one of the tyres disintegrated when being dismounted. Another lucky star was shining…

Fun was had by all who went to the magnificent Tivoli Gardens on the rest day where they could try out numerous rollercoasters and theme park rides. If you like these things it was a lot of fun…