Slartibartfast Rally Day 2

Slartibartfast Rally Day 2 | Nordenham to Roskilde | Bespoke Rallies

Slartibartfast Rally Day 2 | Bespoke Rallies

Nordenham to Roskilde 

When your luck is in and the gods are smiling on you amazing things happen…

What started as a routine day in the life of the Slartibartfast Rally Day 2 – the sun shining, great roads, a couple of ferries and entry to a new country – this time Denmark, turned into a day of good fortune for Manuel and Alexandra. As the rally sped north through Denmark their car spluttered to a halt an hour and half from the finish in Roskilde. Much scratching of heads as some of the other participants stopped to see if they could give a hand.  Up went the bonnet on the E-Type V 12 and various components were studied. 

Mechanic Toby arrived soon after and diagnosed that the coil had overheated badly and was now not working. No spare and it was late in the day, far from a town so the likelihood of buying another coil was slim. Without a spare they were looking at being towed in late into the night.

Lady luck in the form of Rene Christiansan was just around the corner. Seeing the bonnet of the car up, he stopped to see if he could help. ‘I have an E-Type’ he said; ‘of the same model, so if you need a coil come back to my workshop’ which was only 10 minutes away ‘and we will find one’. 

Having spent a good hour at the roadside with no hope, the car was back up and running in 10 minutes. ‘As you have your cars here, why not come to our car show at Stacy’s Diner up the road’.

The small entourage of classic cars and service van made their way to the diner for a great evening entertainment as around 100 cars had collected for their regular meet. Quick goodbyes ad they were on their way to the rally hotel in Roskilde and a rousing reception for the other participants.

That’s how luck works when you drive a classic car!

Meanwhile John and Mimi Delane had noticed the rear tyres on their Porsche Boxter were a bit low and having failed in Holland and Germany to find replacements were relieved to locate some in the main Porsche dealer in Copenhagen. So on the rest day they were off to get replacements – and just as well they did as one of the tyres disintegrated when being dismounted. Another lucky star was shining…

Fun was had by all who went to the magnificent Tivoli Gardens on the rest day where they could try out numerous rollercoasters and theme park rides. If you like these things it was a lot of fun…