The 2019 Pyrenees 1000 Rally Report Day 2 – Pau to Vielha

The 2019 Pyrenees 1000 Rally Report Day 2 – Pau to Vielha


We awoke to a damp morning on Day 2 as overnight rain had looked like affecting the day’s drive. The Pyrenees which had been such a stunning sight the morning before were now hidden in a blanket of grey cloud. Was this to be the story of the day everyone wondered.

Our drive today was to take us into the Spanish side of the Pyrenees to Vielha which in the winter is a centre for the surrounding ski resorts.

Thankfully as we departed at 07.30 the rain had abated and while still misty those with open tops were able to get the hood down.

Traffic out of Pau was lighter due to our earlier start and the safety barriers for the Grand Prix had now been completed so there were no hold ups as we headed for the hills.

Our coffee stop was just over the border in Spain. To get there we travelled on another spectacular route through the pine forests, past reservoirs, fast flowing streams and gorges. As we rose above the tree line patches of snow punctuated the newly green meadows on the mountain side.

Minor mechanical problems kept Ian busy but generally all cars were running well, although windscreen wipers on the Aston Martin were playing up.

After the coffee the rally started a serious climb passing another spectacular reservoir along narrow shelves on the side of the gorge before dropping down to Graus for a late lunch. From Graus there was a gravel road section which suited the older cars with better ground clearance as opposed to the more modern lower cars.

By the end of the day Gerold and Gerd had maintained their position at The head of the field although the rest of the cars were closing in as they became more competitive and honed their navigational skills.