MINERAL DE POZOS to SALTILLO – Wednesday 21st March

Mineral de Pozos is a lovely old town with steep, narrow roads of large rough cobble stones, set on a hill.  We had to back and fill when turning left and right to manoeuvre round the corners but it is well worth a visit.  The buildings from the outside are not much to look at but there are some beautiful hotels and houses hidden within.

We had a 576km drive to Saltillo but only Stanley and Angelika in their 4×4 1998 Mercedes G Wagon did the first 76km of the prescribed route, as reports from Hernan and Javier, who had driven the route the previous day, said there were some very rough and virtually impassable sections for road cars, so the rest of us took the motorway option and looked forward to hearing about the G Wagon’s adventures later!

We stayed on the motorway all day, passing through the dry rocky mountains and whole ‘forests’ of yucca trees  and further north they were all flowering.  We arrived in the huge city of Saltillo in the mid-afternoon at the Quinta Real Hotel and at 7pm John briefed all the drivers about the documentation needed for the US border the following day.