TUXTEPEC TO PUEBLA – Sunday 18th March

There was a lot of ‘car’ action on Sunday!  Toby was up at 6am fitting spark plugs to Jose’s 1968 Volvo 142S and topping up his oil which was very low, topping up the oil in the Corvette, checking the Impala exhaust was still firmly ‘coathangered’ up, and trying to fix the pickup’s battery / alternator problems.

It was only a 385km day but half of that was in the hills, on very steep, twisty roads and Stanley was the first out at 6am followed by the rest of the field before 8.00pm.  At 9am it was 27C and 80% humidity and the vegetation was green and luscious with awesome views of the steep valleys way below, with small villages and rural farms.  On the other side of the mountains the landscape turned yellow and dry with scorching temperature of 40C and 30%H!

Frank had a few battery problems and ground to a halt a few times but Toby always got him going again.  We then came across Roger and Maggie in their 2005 Land Rover Discovery which had overheated on a steep mountain road.  They overheated a few more times, but with 140km to go, it was decided to find a flatbed to run it into Puebla.  Frank had also ground to a halt on the motorway with 90km to go so a second flatbed was called for and we all made our way to Puebla, arriving at 9.45pm at the lovely Quinta Real Hotel for a delicious late dinner!