BELIZE TO TULUM – Sunday 11th March

The temperature was 30C by 8.30am, and rising, as we drove the 146km to the Mexican border.  We passed more of the beautiful clapboard houses along the route but much of the landscape was flat and covered in small trees and palm trees or forest.  We also drove through large sugar cane plantations and passed trucks ladened with the harvested crop.  Frank filled his pickup with fuel and we then noticed that petrol was dripping from the tank.  By the time we arrived at the border there was a steady dribble of leaking fuel and, on closer inspection, Toby found a split in tank caused by the exhaust pipe, which had been rubbing on it.  Toby found some containers and decanted all Frank’s petrol into them and used chemical metal to fill the split.  He then towed Frank through the border, in order to give the chemical metal more time to set.

The Belize border was straight forward but the Mexican side took much longer as we queued for our vehicle documents to be processed.  Frank’s petrol was returned to his tank and we were once again on the way.  The road to Tulum was mostly dual carriageway and so we could keep up a good speed all the way for the remaining 253km.  We pulled in to the Kore Tulum Hotel at 7pm local time, as the clocks had gone back another hour.  It was an all inclusive hotel right on the coast with several restaurants, bars and pools so everyone happily dispersed to take advantage of the hotel’s hospitality followed by a private jacuzzi in their rooms!