We were all on the road by 8am as it was 406km’s to Copan and we had to see the Copan Maya ruins that afternoon and had a lot of hills to navigate that day.  It was cool which was great for the old cars and Adrian and Barbara left at 6.30am as there were so much hill climbing that day and he did not want his head gasket to go again.  We found them at the side of the road with a puncture but luckily everything else was working well.

Then Serge rang to say that they had a tyre problem after hitting a deep crater which had dented one of his rims.  He fitted the spare tyre, and we followed him to a garage at 40-50kph and had his puncture mended as well as Adrian’s.  Jose had rung to say that he had a problem with the gears in his 1968 Volvo 142S but after his call to us, a fire engine pulled in behind him and 8 firemen got out and, after the Chief explained that they were not just firemen, they jacked the car up and had soon mended the gear lever.  Maria rang us to say they were on their way again which was great news.  Almost everyone made it to the Copan Ruins that afternoon before returning to the hotel for a well earned beer.