FLORES – Day off – Fri 9th March

Las Lagunas was a wonderful hotel and the cabins were situated right on the edge of a lake, surrounded by the jungle forest. The howler monkeys could be heard in the distance across the lake in the early morning – a great way to start the day!   At 10am, a coach load of us set off to see the wonderful Maya ruins at Tikal, 49 km away.  Three of the huge temples towered above the trees but it was the last, number four, that was the tallest at 75 metres and we climbed to the top to see the wonderful views of the other temples over the tops of the trees!  Most of the edifices and temples were built between 250 – 900AD but Tikal was first settled from as early as 600BC.

Toby spent the day fitting some new parts to the Porsche which arrived from France, checking the brakes on the Model A Ford, greasing various parts on the Impala and jacking up the Corvette to check for any damage after yesterday’s drive.

Ronald and Ann had been to feed the monkeys in the morning and Ronald was much taken with one little monkey who took a shine to him!  There is also a small zoo at the hotel which has some wild cats and other animals, such as Tapir.  The hotel had an infinity pool right by the lake and some of us swam while others had lunch in the upstairs restaurant, the side of which has windows which slide right back to open up the whole side of the room.  It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of an idyllic jungle retreat.