ALICE to GALVESTON – Friday 23rd March

The main focus that day was the visit to the Nasa Johnson Space Centre which can be found between Houston and Galveston.  It was a 424km drive from Alice and we were on the road early.

The landscape was totally flat all the way and we passed through American towns which seem to stretch for miles, with rows of shops, little houses, junk yards, fast-food shops in abundance, derelict buildings, caravans and 4×4’s.

The NASA Johnson Space Centre is home to the US’s Astronaut Corps, the International Space Station mission operations, the Orion Programme and hosts the future of space development.  The Tram Tour takes one to: Rocket Park, where the Saturn V rocket is displayed along with other rockets;  the Space Vehicle Mock up Facility where NASA astronauts train for current missions; and the historic Mission Control Operations Control Room from which NASA led Gemini and Apollo missions, including the first lunar landing mission.  It was a fascinating tour and well worth the visit.

It was only another 50km to Galveston and the Hotel Galvez, situated on the coast.  We drove by lots of lovely old clapboard houses on the way to the hotel and alongside the beautiful sandy beach with its old pier and crazy loop the loop joy ride and big wheel!!